Interview with Honolulu based artist Kris Goto

- Hello Kris, can you tell us a little about yourself and your creations ?
I was born in Japan and am a Honolulu based artist. My medium is pen on paper and I’m also a muralist. I love to eat noodles.
My current work reflects on the simple island style living here in Hawaii - mainly its people and the culture, their unique characteristics found only here and also the surf culture that exists here as well.

- Where does your inspiration come from ?
I don’t have a specific thing I do to gain inspiration. It just comes to me when it does.

- What is the notion of Surf art for you ?
I’m not sure if I'm understanding this question right - what does it mean to me?
I think generally surf art is artwork that consists of surfers/surf-scape, I’m assuming..? But I tend to get bored with this general concept of ’surf art’. If I want to see a surf break, I’ll drive down and see it in person.
What’s more interesting to me is to see a story, unrealistic aspects, things that make me question or even chuckle.  That is why in all of my artwork involving ’surf’, sometimes there is cynicism, sarcasm, surrealism, a story/meaning, in a realistic setting with unrealistic components and etc. So in that sense, I’m not sure if my current artwork featuring ’surf’ even fits into this general concept of ’surf art’. I do love surfing, but I also like to add in my own imagination to it and it makes it more fun for me that way.

- What vision of the surfer girl do you want to give to the world ?
Regardless of gender, I want to see a surfer who respects the boards they’re on, and respects the waves they are riding. Almost as if you’ve just bumped into a good friend of yours from way back when.  Treat each wave with respect and love.

-  What would the surfboard of your dreams be like ?
A single fin noserider or an egg.

- Where can we look at your art ? And purchase it ?
If you’re in the US, you can look at my artwork in various places (please see Retail Locations on my website) To purchase from outside US, please contact me directly!

Thank you Kris ! It was really nice exchanging with you and I can't wait to receive the illustration I purchase with you :)


Don't forget to visit Kris website www.krisgoto.com and her Instagram account full of old and new pieces !

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